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Rewatching Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

Rewatching Wizard of Oz

I’m rewatching this for two Blogathon: Once Upon a Time X and Beyond the Cover Blogathons.

But first I watched the Documentary and I highly recommend seeing it.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic

The documentary is Hosted by Angela Lansberry. It’s now an old film because it’s from 1989, but it’s still very much worth watching.

There’s lots of fun facts about the movie – like The Lion costume weighed 90 pounds! And there’s also lots of interviews, including some from Judy Garland’s children (Liza Minnelli doing all the talking). And Angela Lansberry did a nice job talking about the movie too.

I watched it on the TCM channel because Judy Garland is their Star Spotlight of the month.

A documentary that I highly recommend seeing (along with this 1939 movie too).

Wizard of Oz (1939)

Wizard of Oz

10 out of 10 All Stars

1939 Fantasy/ Adventure movie. Based on the story by L. Frank Baum. Starring Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton, Jack Haley, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Frank Morgan, Billie Burk and Clara Blandick.

Short Synopsis: A young girl (Judy Garland) wonders what life would be like away from her home, meanwhile a “Twister” of a tornado comes through and takes her and the house to Munchkin Land in Oz.

My Thoughts: I have lost count to how many times I’ve watched this movie. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is my favorite song and it’s one that I sing to my nieces and nephews for lullabies. The story itself is simple and yet so magical. I always wished that I could be Dorothy (and not just because of those Ruby Slippers). This is a favorite of mine.

I do plan on reading the book this year. I am not sure how accurate the movie is to the book, but according to the documentary that I watched, the filmmakers worked pretty hard in giving the movie justice to the book. The documentary also mentioned that 14 scriptwriters and 2 directors were involved in making this movie.

Play by Play of the Songs and movie

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” – Dorothy. Dorothy pondering where her place would be in her new home with Auntie Em.

A note here about this song. In the documentary it is said that the filmmakers were thinking of not even having this song in the movie. This song is sacrilege! It’s great! And these filmmakers didn’t even like this normal Kansas girl image. Thankfully they kept both. Thankfully for Judy too because she won the Oscar for Best Juvenile Actress.

Munchkin Land: Oh there’s so many fun songs to choose from these Munchkins. My favorite I’d the Lollipop Guild Munchkins. Here is a Munchkin Welcome.

“Wonderful Wizard of Oz/ Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” (Youtube video of the song). Dorothy and Toto are off to see the good but mysterious Wizard of Oz.

Ruby Slippers

The Ruby Slippers. But first she must accessorize herself with those Ruby Slippers. Now a gal can accessorize with those darling Ruby Slippers that are now worth a million or so. But the real fantasy is getting the chance to wear Real Ruby’s on those slippers. Lucky Judy Garland got to wear all of them. I’m jealous.

ruby slippers from the house of harry winston

The Ruby Slippers from the House of Harry Winston – Worth $3 Million Dollars.

Fifty years later, Ronald Winston of the House of Harry Winston recreated the ruby slippers to celebrate the golden anniversary of the movie. But to paraphrase Dorothy, Winston had a feeling that he was not in 1939 anymore. So, instead of sequins, Winston used real rubies, 1,350 carats of it from 4,600 pieces, to be exact. That made the creation a truly ruby slipper. He also added 50 carats of diamonds for good measure. The shoes took two months to finish, and when it was finally done, the result was just over the rainbow. Only the movie’s lead star, Judy Garland, has gotten the honor of wearing the most expensive pair of shoes in the world.”
From The Top Most Expensive Shoes in the World article by TheRichest.com

Wizard of Oz - Scarecrow

“If Only I Had a Brain.” – The Scarecrow. (YouTube video of the song).

“We’re Off to See the Wizard.” And now there are 3 off to see the Wizard.

Wizard of Oz - Tin Man

“If I Only Had a Heart.” – The Tin Man. Poor Tin Man. And fun fact is that this wasn’t the first picked actor to play him either. The first actor’s name escapes me at the moment. Buddy Ebsen. According to the documentary the original guy had to wear Aluminum Powder make-up . And unfortunately for him, he accidentally inhaled the powder and then was replaced. The make-up was also replaced with Aluminum Liquid. Poor guys.

The Tin Man: “The Tinsmith forgot to give me a heart.”
Dorothy and The Scarecrow: “No heart?”
Tin Man: “(Shakes head) No heart.”

“We’re Off to See the Wizard.” And now there are 4.

“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My.” Lions indeed, but there’s nothing to fear from him. (YouTube video).

“If I Only Had the Nerve.” – The Cowardly Lion. Poor Toto, being scared by this Cowardly Lion. (YouTube video of the song).

Wizard of Oz

“We’re Off to See the Wizard.” And then there was 5. If they can get past the Wicked Witch of the West‘s Poisonous Poppies. Good thing the Tin Man and Scarecrow don’t have a nose to breath in the poison. (All 4 parts of the Song – YouTube video).

“You’re Out of the Woods, You’re Out of the Dark.” Now the 5 of them are truly off to see the Wizard. And they are out of the woods too. (YouTube video of the song).

Wizard of Oz - the Wizard

“In the Merry Old Land of Oz.” And the Emerald City. Also that lovely horse of a different color. (YouTube video of the song). But of course the gang hasn’t noticed that they’ve seen the Wizard 3 times before finally going inside to see “The Great and Powerful Oz.” Did you notice? (The doorman, the carriage driver and the guard).

Wizard of Oz - King Lion

“If I Were King of the Forest.” – the Lion. And while they wait to see the Wizard, let’s act like Royalty here. (YouTube video of the song).

Wizard of Oz

“Haunted Forest. Witch’s Castle 1 mile. I’d turn back if I were you.” – sign in the Forest. Well the sign did warn them that they were getting closer to the Wicked Witch‘s Castle. And now she has Dorothy and Toto while. And the Wicked Witch‘s army even knocked the stuffing out of poor Scarecrow.

“Oh Yee oh, Yo Um.”Wicked Witch’s army. And if you always thought they sounded like they were singing “Oreo, Oh um” you’re not alone because I thought so for the longest time when I was younger. And the makers of the movie Wreck it Ralph thought so too.

And it’s Toto to the rescue. For without that dog the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion would not know where the Wicked Witch’s Castle was. It’s also a good thing that Toto can jump down from high places (he jumped down from the castle bridge while it was being raised). It’s also a good thing that 3 of the army members deterred from entering the castle to sneak up on Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion.

Wizard of Oz - Toto

“Oh what a World, what a World.” – Wicked Witch. I think this is my favorite part, besides the Munchkins and Toto. And with just a splash of water the Wicked Witch is melting. Wait. If water makes her melt, then what is this bucket with water doing in this tower? Hmm. Well if you’ve seen the play for Wicked like I have (or read the book too like my sister), thanks to Gregory Maguire, we know that it was no accident.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” – Wizard of Oz. And Toto saves the day again by showing them where the true Wizard of Oz is hiding at.

“Oh you’ll ruin my exit.” – Wizard of Oz. And the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz doesn’t know how to work the air balloon that he traveled in to Oz from Kansas. But while he’s gone, Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Lion will be in charge of Emerald City.

“There’s no place like home.”Dorothy. She had to learn from herself on how to get home.

“Oh it couldn’t have been a dream.” – Dorothy. It would have been nice if it wasn’t a dream. But alas Dorothy is not sure now. Well never mind that now, because now she knows that there’s no place like home.

Wizard of Oz

The End: And the moral of the story that Dorothy learned was that life over the rainbow can be both grand and scary, but it will never compare to home. And so she promises to never ever leave home.

Once Upon a Time X

Once Upon a Time X.

When? March 21st to June 21st.

This “Quest” is hosted by Carl Stainless Steel Droppings.

Carl started this event 10 years ago so happy anniversary to the blogger.

“This is a reading and viewing and gaming event that encompasses four broad categories: Fairy Tale, Folklore, Fantasy and Mythology, including the seemingly countless sub-genres and blending of genres that fall within this spectrum.”

I’m hoping to at least read one or more books and of course I’ll be viewing a lot of  stuff too. And he requests that we post our reviews here.

Beyond the Cover Blogathon

Beyond the Cover Blogathon.

When? April 8th to the 10th.

This blogathon is hosted by Liz of Now, Voyaging and Kristina of Speakeasy.

This one is simple and with many entries. They ask that we choose a movie that’s been adapted on to film.

6 thoughts on “Rewatching Wizard of Oz

  1. Nicely done. I’ll have the chore of figuring out, when I get around to reviewing TWOZ what to say about a movie thats already had every second of it analyzed by scads of folk and is a personal treasure to millions. Best way I guess is just to put one;s own ‘feeling spin’ on it (like you do here so well) and not worry about trying to have The Last Word. Now, ‘For your Consideration’: regarding Angela Lansbury, I have a story to offer: my late brother-in-law was an actor. Larry Pennell (look him up) and his first part was a bit in “The Court Jester” starring Danny Kaye (very funny film). He was naturally nervous as could be, and Lansbury, who was co-starring, was extremely nice and considerate to him, reassuring the young man that he was doing well. Neat thing for an established actress to offer a new kid on the block. He had the same assurance from Deborah Kerr when a year or so later he was up for a co=starring part in “The Proud And The Profane”. He did not get that (director didn’t like him and Dewey Martin got the role–and it killed his career!), but he was touched by Kerr’s kindness. I gotta’ million of ’em. Keep up the good blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Good luck in reviewing this movie. I look forward to your reading it.
      And that’s a nice thing of Angela and Deborah. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’ve read the book (The Wizard of Oz, that is). It is excellent. And, no, the movie is not very faithful to the book. The story is basically the same, but with big differences.

    The book is in public domain, so you may find a free copy out there,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to know thanks. With so many people working on this film it’s without a doubt that they ended up changing some of it to make it their own version.
      I have both the kindle and hardcover book editions waiting to be read.


    1. Thank you. I think we wore out our recorded vhs too. Now I’m on the lookout for a good Blu-Ray or such edition. In the meantime I’m watching it through my iTunes digital copy

      Liked by 1 person

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