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Monday Arts & Artists / Poetry & Colour

TCM Arts & Artist

Monday’s Arts & Artist

On Monday’s TCM channel is doing a theme I haven’t seen them do lately. Maybe they have done this before and I never noticed, either way it looks interesting. TCM channel is focusing on the films that are about Art and the Artists: i.e. the painters, sculptures and so on.

So I’m taking a break from my Monday Mayhem (those posts about how crazy my week is looking) and I’ll be posting my art, along with other artist’s works, from painting to music.

March 21st Holidays

Down Syndrome Creed
Down Syndrome Creed

Some of you may know that today is World Poetry Day. But you might be clueless like myself in knowing that today is also International Colour Day. Oh and International
Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, World Down Syndrome Day (so wear Lots of Socks) (I have relatives with DS and yet I was clueless about this day. hangs head in shame), International Day of Nowruz (Equinox) and International Day of Forests. This NPR article best sums up the various celebrations that are held today. With all these events I’m not surprised that only one of them seems more popular and better known (Poetry Day).

Poetry & Colour

It’s a late post for contributing to any of those things maybe, but at least I’m going to try to cover some of them.

For Poetry & World Down Syndrome Day

I dug out some of my own poem books. I then gathered up a couple of poetry books by favorite authors along with my most Craziest and Loudest pair of Socks.

Michelle - Bronte book

So here’s a book with poetry by the Brontë sisters and my socks. Also here’s a poem of mine from 2011.

Weekend Wishes

i’m glad to see you
in my life forever
wishes that bring you
back to me are countless
heartache from missing you
buried deep in the yesterdays
now that you’re back

friendship to stable me
family to harness me
in this expansive world
and without them
i cannot face tomorrow

i’m glad to see you
in my world forever


For Colour

Chalk Drawing

Today my 5 year old niece and I did some activities outside with some chalk drawings. Last Mondays art post I mentioned that I’ve taught my niece how to draw people, animals and such with shapes. Today we had a shape game and then she drew a bunch of cats on our porch.

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