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Silent Sunday Nights & Easter

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Silent Sunday Nights

King of Kings 1927

TCM‘s Silent Sunday Nights feature film tonight was Cecile B. Demile‘s 1927 Silent Film, The King of Kings. I thought I’d try watching some of this but I’m too tired. I did try watching the first 30 or so minutes and the added Technicolor to this Black & White film was a nice touch. But like I said, I’m tired, so here’s a little post of my Easter Holiday.


Easter Bunnies

I had a pretty good day despite my shoulder hurting like heck from the pinched nerve. Hope your holiday and weekend was good.

The Egg Hunt

Keep Calm And Hunt On Easter

I posted on Friday about how I was worried about trying to find new hiding spots this Easter for the Egg Hunt. Well it turned out that I did a pretty good job at hiding those goodie eggs. The 4 kids needed some help from me at the end because some of the eggs were hidden pretty good. I didn’t tell them where those eggs were, I just stood by the area and said that I saw an egg, all without pointing or looking at the spot. It also helped that my mom used those small plastic eggs and had made 77 of them.


As for my dog Peanut, well she’s exhausted too. It takes a lot out of an old dog when there’s two hams being cooked and over 13 people in the house. Poor girl. Well after all that begging for some of the ham I ended up giving in and gave her a little piece. You can see that she likes her new haircut and thankfully my aunt clipped her nails. She couldn’t believe how good Peanut was when she clipped them too. I guess my aunt’s dog puts up a good fight.

Easter shows and movies

As for what else I watched today… of course I watched It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. The last part was good, my favorites are of course Snoopy and also of Patty trying to teach her friend to boil and color eggs for Easter. Those parts were funny.

I also watched a Spring Training Baseball game (Go Angels!) as well as It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown.

As for other Easter movies and such that I like, well there’s not that many with Easter movies that I’ve watched. I’ve watched parts of Hop the other day and the year before but I still don’t like it despite the good looking James Marsden.

I think there’s only 2 Spring Break themed movies that I’ve seen, Where the Boys Are and She’s All That (the snobby popular girl meets Matthew Liliard’s character at a Florida Spring Break party). Both ok movies and worth watching at least once (although I admit She’s All That has become a guilty pleasure but only when it’s available to watch on cable or streaming).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some eating… I mean reading to do. Hmmm chocolate.

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