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TCM 31 Days of Oscar – Bell, Book and Candle

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watch a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie channel’s 31 Days of Oscar. I’ll be focusing on the movies I haven’t watched yet, with maybe just a few movies I’ve already seen.

Here is my 20th day and movie of my challenge to TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar.

Bell, Book and Candle

7.5 out of 10 Stars

Bell Book and Candle movie

1958 Comedy film. Starring Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs, Elsa Lanchester, Janice Rule and Hermione Gingold.

The 360° Game: starts off with Picnic starring Kim Novak, and she was in Bell, Book and Candle with James Stewart who was in the next film, The Naked Spur.

And the Oscar did not go to… nominations in two categories: Best Art Direction (Cary Odell and Louis Diage); and Best Costume Design (Jean Louis).

Short Synopsis: A witch’s (Kim Novak) warlock brother (Jack Lemmon) helps a San Francisco publisher (James Stewart) break a love spell.

A note before I start watching this. And why I chose this movie… James Stewart (“The film is considered Stewart’s last as a romantic lead.” – Wikipedia) and Jack Lemmon – I like both those actors. And I’m in the mood for a comedy.

My Thoughts: Oh this was a cute flick. Jack Lemmon brought his comic humor along just nicely. And James Stewart played it good at being a normal guy with just enough of a special spark to have a witch wonder what it’s like to love him. And that’s the story, along with some mischief and other unplanned events. James Stewart described the witch and warlock’s club, The Zodiac as more of a Halloween party than one for Christmas. This movie is set during Christmastime, but I think it’s good enough to watch any time.

The Play by Play Thoughts

Bell Book and Candle movie

0:00 It’s Christmas. And Gillian Holroyd and her African and Oceanic Primitive Art shop.

Bell Book and Candle movie

0:03 “Look, there’s that man upstairs.” Gil’s cat’s name is Pyewacket and Wikipedia cast list shows that that’s the cat’s real name too. Cute cat. It looks like it’s going to be playing matchmaker in this movie. James Stewart plays Shep Henderson, the man that lives upstairs. He’s engaged and thankfully Gil doesn’t like taking other women’s men. But yet, I still don’t know if I should warn James to runaway from these people or not. James Stewart does look older here too.

Bell Book and Candle movie

0:13 The Zodiac Bar and Jack Lemmon on the bongo drums. A strange club, although it does look like some random dive hipster club too.

“March 12.”
“The sign of the fish. The time is favorable.”…
“The night is favorable. Auspicious for love, pleasure, entertainment.

Bell Book and Candle movie

0:23 “Oh Nicky, will you ever grow up?” The Old Wives tale that if a witch falls in love she’ll loose her powers. Gil calls the tale nonsense and that they can’t ever fall in love. We’ll see if that’s true.

And Nicky’s summoning spell present. Gil thinks it doesn’t work but Auntie and Nicky thinks it worked great. Something’s fishy.

Bell Book and Candle movie

0:32 The Love Spell. If I were Shep, I’d pay attention to what Gil is doing rather than rambling on with what his fiancee wants to do.

Bell Book and Candle movie

0:53 Mr. Redlitch and his book. And Nicky’s up to some mischief. And his sister’s been busy with her love affair with James.

Bell Book and Candle movie

1:10 “Well, I’ll take the rational explanation.” Even with a rational explanation, I still don’t think Shep would believe what’s happened.

Bell Book and Candle movie

1:20 Mrs. Bianca Depasse. Such a strange woman, for a witch of course. Now apparently Nicky can’t undue love spells, so it’s off to see this strange person.

Bell Book and Candle movie

1:32 Real tears. Looks like that Old Wives tale about witches losing their powers over love is true.

Queenie: “You don’t really understand, Nicky. She’s in love”
Nicky: “Wouldn’t she rather be dead?”

Bell Book and Candle movie

1:37 Pyewackit the Matchmaker. Well since Queenie can’t get Gil and Shep together because she took an oath and Nicky refuses to meddle in other people’s affairs, it looks like it’s up to the cat to do the meddling.

Bell Book and Candle movie

1:42 The End. If you’re a Hopeless Romantic like me, then this ending with Gil and Shep was cute. If you’re a cynic, then you’re probably looking like Nicky here and waving the hand at them like “oh phooey” and then off to make some mischief, like turning off all the street lamps in the block.

Bell Book and Candle movie

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