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Ghost Bride


October 2014
The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo 5★♥♥

To describe this book without any spoilers is complex, especially to describe all the little Chinese traditions, folklores and fairy tales that are interwoven in this book. The description of the book had me thinking of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride… which have little in common now that I’ve read this, but they both have a dark mood.

So I’ll try to given a short summary without spoiling the story here.
The setting is a historical fiction, 1893 set in Malacca, Malaysia. There is the still some Old Chinese culture mixed in with New Malay Culture and very little of European Catholic culture. And with all cultures, there is some superstitions. Which brings up the all powerful and rich Lim family. Their son has mysteriously died and the very superstitious mother (Madame Lim) believes that a living girl should marry her son in order for him to pass on in the spirit world. So that brings Li Lan, who right at the start of the book, is asked by her nearly penniless father (who still has enough to buy opium) to be “The Ghost Bride” for deceased Lim Tian Ching of the Lin family.

And to describe anymore will certainly give away spoilers. *sigh* I did think it was a pretty good romantic, adventurous, and mysterious story. With a lot of Chinese Folklore. I borrowed it at first, but I liked it so much I went ahead and bought the kindle book. A definite future reread is called for.

This is Yangsze Choo’s debut book and I did like her writing style. There was a small slow pace in the middle or so, but I never wanted to stop or give this up. I will be keeping an eye for any more books she’ll write. I really liked Li Lan. She is young (18 yo), but she wasn’t a typical teen like all the other books I’ve read. She was actual quite mature for her age. And the character development and setting description was good. I really enjoyed reading this and recommend it for others.


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